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2013 Jobs & Employment

Rafting Newfoundland is a great place to spend a summer. Full-time staff live at the resort and enjoy working in a supportive and fun environment surrounded by the best scenery in Central Newfoundland. Why not try the adventure lifestyle for a while, it is good for your soul!

For instructors, guides and safety kayakers, the Exploits River will provide fun and excitement every day. Regardless of your skill level or experience you will never get tired of running the Exploits!

The Exploits River is the largest and longest river in Newfoundland. Our season is generally from May to October, with the busiest months being July and August.

Our peak season can be hectic. All the staff gets very busy assisting and entertaining clients. There are few opportunities to take time off. Rafting Newfoundland's clientele come from all parts of the world and expect the trip of a lifetime. It is the duty of the staff to make this dream come true. It must be understood that the pressure of the job can get intense. All employees are expected to put the client first and be available to them at all times. Qualified applicants must also be personable individuals who are capable of intelligently conversing with the clients and must be able to give them an unforgettable experience.

Rafting Newfoundland is a multi-cultural company. All prospective employees must be comfortable in a multi-cultural environment. It is expected that employees represent Rafting Newfoundland in a positive & upbeat manner at all times.  Flexibility, teamwork, adaptability and an outstanding work ethic are absolutely essential. Those who elect to submit a job application to us should be sure that they are comfortable with this work environment.

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Please take time to review the website to learn more about Rafting Newfoundland before you apply by email.


Whitewater Rafting Instructor/Guide/Trip Leader

Qualifications: Guides must be at least 18 years old, have current First Aid and CPR cards, have wilderness first aid, have minimum 3 years guiding experience (5 years preferred), trip leading experience, valid instructor certification and minimum 3yrs instructing experience, Level 2 Swift Water Rescue Technician (SRT II) or equivalent, and be fluent in English. Academic degree in physical education, outdoor recreation and/or tourism will be assets, as well as a valid driver's license (prefer class 2 bus license). Proof of certifications will be required prior to employment.




Whitewater Rafting Guide/Safety Kayaker

Qualifications: Guides must be at least 18 years old, have current First Aid and CPR cards, have wilderness first aid, Level One Rescue Technician (SRT I) or equivalent, and be fluent in English. Guiding experience, an academic degree in physical education, outdoor recreation and/or tourism will be assets, as well as a valid driver's license (prefer class 2 bus license). Proof of certifications will be required prior to employment.




General Job Requirements/Information for all Rafting Positions

General Requirements

  • Run full-day and evening trips on the Exploits River. Captain both paddle and oar boats (majority of our business are paddle boats). Perform lead and sweep boat duties as assigned.
  • Must demonstrate skilled, conservative, and safe boat handling skills in paddle rafts and/or oar rafts on Class I to Class IV whitewater insuring minimum risk to passengers and crew.
  • Must demonstrate proficiency in rigging and de-rigging an oar raft or paddle raft.
  • Must read the Rafting Newfoundland Guide Manual and follow all guidelines, policies, and procedures described therein.
  • Must be familiar with and follow all safety guidelines with a demonstrated commitment to insuring the health and well being of all guests.
  • Must learn or have a reasonable amount of historical and ecological knowledge relevant to the river being worked and be willing to share it with Rafting Newfoundland’s guests.
  • Must be capable of sustained physical activity including but not limited to rowing, paddling, hiking, loading and unloading, pulling, pushing and swimming in swift current.
  • Must be capable of constant lifting and carrying of up to 50 pounds. Occasional lifting/carrying of up to 100 lbs. required.
  • Must be able to work under pressure and to work for many consecutive days or weeks without complaint during peak times.
  • Must be able to recognize, empathize and deal with the effects of burnout in yourself and others.
  • Must own and carry all of the required equipment for guiding with Rafting Newfoundland and be able to demonstrate to management how it is rigged and accessed during a trip.
  • Must be willing to train on every stretch of water that Rafting Newfoundland runs and proactively pursue opportunities to do so.
  • Must strive to take the best possible pictures and video with the provided digital camera on trips, and to accept training, advice and constructive criticism from management and peers in regards to camera use.

Personal Conduct

  • Must demonstrate a helpful, friendly and sensitive attitude towards all guests.
  • Must demonstrate a positive attitude and proactively assist other crew members in trip related tasks.
  • Look for ways to better serve the guests and the company, and bring new ideas to management.
  • Maintain a good sense of humour and cooperative attitude with co-workers, management and guests.
  • Must always act as an enthusiastic representative of Rafting Newfoundland, performing in a positive, professional, and cooperative manner in all interactions with guests, co-workers, government representatives and other outfitters
  • Must help to market other Rafting Newfoundland offerings by directing guests to other trips that we run / chalet vacancies and informing the office of those guests that would benefit from a follow-up. 
  • Must endeavour to keep personal problems out of the trip setting and air differences in constructive and honest ways in interaction with management and other crew members.

Daily Responsibilities

  • Clean kitchen, raft shack, change rooms and customer washroom.
  • Must actively participate in the packing and unpacking of all equipment related to a trip. Unpacking after a trip includes the cleaning, drying, and the proper storage of equipment, cleaning and properly parking vehicles and trailers.
  • Must be able to demonstrate the ability to prepare all the meals on the Rafting Newfoundland menu that pertain to the type of trip you are running as well as exhibit care in the food’s presentation. Must participate in all necessary food organization, dish washing and clean up.
  • Complete assigned tasks while waiting for guests to arrive for trips.
  • Fit lifejackets, paddle jackets and other rental gear for guests.
  • Inform management of food and equipment resupply needs.
  • Actively promote Rafting Newfoundland’s picture DVD program, encouraging guests to take as many quality pictures as possible, and strive to sell one DVD per guest on every trip.
  • Must complete assigned or delegated trip paperwork in a neat and timely manner. Must complete and turn in incident and/or other safety reports immediately following an incident.
  • Must actively participate in team meetings, post-trip guide debriefings and be willing to address issues that concern safety, customer satisfaction and trip quality with other guides and management.
  • Complete all camp chores on multi-day trips. Cooks meals, do dishes, leads hikes, rigs boats, etc.
  • Must be willing to engage Rafting Newfoundland guests in conversation, and for multi-day trips to participate in interactive activities such as card games, and/or entertainment activities such as guitar or storytelling.
  • For multi-day trips, must be willing to lead or participate in hikes and/or other activities to enhance the guests' experience.
  • Perform other responsibilities as assigned.

Use of Rafting Newfoundland’s Equipment

  • Must demonstrate competence in the proper use and maintenance of equipment to avoid unnecessary damage.
  • Promptly repair or replace equipment damaged or lost due to personal gross negligence as determined by the company owners.


Guides are full time with a varying schedule. Efforts will be made to give guides their requested workload and days off, however consecutive days off are not guaranteed and not likely during peak season. No more than one day off will be guaranteed per week. Special occasion days off and special needs must be negotiated prior to signing contract in order to be guaranteed. Generally, the peak season is from mid-July until Labour day.  The average day starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:00PM with some days as late as 6:00PM or as early as 3:00PM. 

Personal Gear

Personal gear can be ordered upon request at discount prices from Northwest River Supplies through Rafting Newfoundland for wholesale prices.


Tips cannot be expected however, guides do typically receive tips when they deliver their clients exceptional service.  At Rafting Newfoundland, our guides typically split all tips earned equally between the guides and safety boater who worked on the trip.  Based on previous years, guides can expect an average of $5 to $40 in tips per trip.

Benifits and Bonuses: Rafting Newfoundland guides earn additional pay based on the following:

  • DVD Bonus: All the river guides and safety boater (if applicable) will equally split a 16.7% commission of all picture DVD’s sold each trip they work (during peak season, guides have been averaging around $100/week in DVD bonus)
  • Merit Bonus: Periodic bonuses may be issued on occasion for exceptional performance and dedication
  • Employee Discount: Close friends and family of guides may raft on full day trips for $15.00 per person on a space available basis. Full paying customers will always receive first access to rafting spaces; someone on the friends/family rate could end up bumped off the trip at the last minute if a paying customer shows up for the seat.
  • Free Equipment Rental: With prior approval of management, guides may borrow company boats and equipment for private trips keeping in mind that the guide is personally responsible for any loss or damages and will be required to promptly fix or replace damaged or lost equipment.
  • Wholesale Discount at NRS: Personal gear can be ordered upon request at discount prices from Northwest River Supplies through Rafting Newfoundland for wholesale prices.
  • Additional bonuses may be applied due to a guide’s level of experience, education, length of service with Rafting Newfoundland, and in certain circumstances a moving allowance could also be applied.

Only those employees 19 years old and older will be allowed to consume alcohol on Rafting Newfoundland property.

TOBACCO-FREE POLICY: Rafting Newfoundland presents a tobacco free image to our customers. Smoking and chewing tobacco is not permitted within view of Rafting Newfoundland customers. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all Rafting Newfoundland vehicles and buildings (including guide cabins).  Any employee found in violation of this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.  Only those employees 18 years old and older will be allowed to smoke or chew tobacco on Rafting Newfoundland property



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