Gaff Snowmobile Tour

Ascending to 1900 Feet

The Gaff tour is designed for more experience single riders. A high elevation plateau that stretches for over 100km in any direction with steep play zones, 1900 foot plus peaks, gulches and wildlife such as arctic Hare, caribou and ptarmigan promises a very memorable day!

The Gaff is a very large highland plateau which marks the beginning of the Long Range Mountains. On a clear, calm day the Gaff stretches much farther than the eye can see, and to tour from peak to peak is a day of riding which can’t be beat. The Main Top, Mizzen Top, Gaff Top, and Hind’s Hill are the four main peaks on the Gaff which are as high as most anything on the island at almost 1900 feet!  If conditions are not conducive to touring we spend the day along the perimeter in the play zones which offer terrain for climbing and boon docking as good as anywhere on the island. At these elevations the weather must be reasonable or we will have to alter the ride plan. Also, our favourite time to ride on the Gaff is late March through mid-May for touring. These warm spring days also offer awesome side hilling and play conditions, but when the day is clear and warm it’s hard not to resist a big miles day!

Starting at $75/person

*Price does not include chalet, snowmobile rental, and gas/oil.
* Two (2) person minimum.

Snowmobile Rental

BRP Grand Touring ACE 2-up

  • $229/day

To book this package, and for more info on pricing and availability,
please call us at (709) 486-0892

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